Safety in the Kitchen

When kids get into cooking, they may not realize there are rules to cooking. Frying an egg is not just frying an egg. It’s a lesson on safety as well. The oven is hot. Don’t touch the oven when it’s on. These are lessons that kids need to learn (and parents or adults need to teach) before a kid turns on the stove, dons the chef hat and boils the first pot of water.

Tips for Oven Safety

1. Always supervise for kids when using the oven. You may want to supervise for teenagers and older kids when they first begin. Eventually teens will probably want to “be on their own.” They always do.
2. Keep all plastic, paper and other flammable material well away from the oven. Remind kids of this. This includes pa per towels, kitchen towels and stuffed teddy bears
3. Always clean the oven after each use. Of course, this has to be done after the oven cools completely.
4. Use grease splatter guards. They are not an absolute necessity but they sure do help keep things cleaner.
5. Always use hot mitts, also called over mitts. I recommend getting several sets. Get a separate set for each kid. Get them into a routine of using them. Don’t try to touch the pan first to see if it’s really hot. If it’s been in the oven for any amount of time, it’s really hot.
6. Posting rules near the oven may help. Make sure you go over the kitchen and cooking rules frequently to see if any need revision.
7 Teach the kids to obey these rules at all times There are no exceptions. It’s possible the kids will remind you of them when you break them too. That’s a good thing. It means they are learning their lessons.
8. Remember to turn off the oven knobs after use. Remind your kids to look for lights on the stove or look at the knobs to make sure they are all off after use
9. Always tum pan handles inward. This will prevent the accidental knocking into the handle and spilling the contents. It may also prevent younger siblings from grabbing at the handles and potentially burning themselves.

Utensil Safety

Knives are an important part of cooking. But they can be potential hazards if left in the hands of a beginner. Teach your kids safety when it comes to cooking utensils.

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